“What kind of base do I need to build to stand a shed on?”

This question crops up all the time and has various answers depending on the size of the building and how it is to be used.

A small 6ft x 8ft shed really doesn’t need much of a base, if it is simply going to provide a dry secure space for garden tools and a lawnmower. Just a few paving slabs providing a base equal to the shed dimensions is enough, though care to ensure that it is level and that any rainwater is able to drain away freely. If water is allowed to pool on the surface, it can dramatically reduce the life of the building.

For larger buildings you can use concrete blocks at each corner and at intervals throughout the base on which to rest the floor frame, or you can use pressure treated timbers, which are highly resistant to rotting, creating a framework on which the shed stands. These methods allow air to circulate freely beneath the floor, helping to keep it in good condition.

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