Do I Need Planning Permission For A Garden Shed?

Normally Planning Permission/Building Regulation approval is not usually required provided that it meets certain criteria.


  • The outbuilding is for use only by those who occupy the house.
  • You intend to use the shed as a bedroom and/or you wish to install a toilet in it.
  • You intend to run a business from it (as opposed to using it simply as a home office).


  • If they are built of combustible material (i.e. wood), they must be at least two metres from the main house.
  • Structures do not cover more than half of the area of the garden; not including the area occupied by the house.
  • No point must fall within one metre of a property’s boundary.
  • The floor area must not exceed fifteen square metres.
  • It is not more than three metres high for a flat roof, or four metres for a ridged roof and the height of the eaves must not exceed two and a half metres..
  • The height from ground level to a ridge must not exceed more than two and a half metres or fall within two metres of a boundary.
  • No part projects beyond any wall of the house that faces a road.
  • A Log Cabin should be more than five metres from the main dwelling.
  • No verandas should be higher than thirty centimetres from ground level.

If at all in doubt contact your local authority for clarification. No charge will be made if no planning permission is required.

Important Note: When building in designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas or a National Parks, local authorities may well impose additional restrictions and planning permission may be required.