Nordic Log Chalets

The uniquely simple and efficient construction of these log cabins enable them to be erected quickly, and provide long-lasting service, at amazing value for their size.

They are also incredibly versatile, so can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Frequently, they are found in gardens, providing a simple affordable office space, or as a leisure area during wet or colder weather.

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Everything Customized to suit YOU

At Abbey Sheds we create every building from raw materials, we do not buy in pre made panels, we construct them ourselves. That way we know that they are of great quality and will last the test of time. It also enables us to build precisely what you require, should you require something unusual.


Before we start work we will join you for a free session to discuss your needs, advise you on the best solution to satisfy them and give you an estimate of both the cost and the likely time for completion of the work.


We will create a design to make the most of your location, endeavouring to take into consideration any variance in ground levels, drainage, restrictions and limitations.


After construction commences, we will keep you informed throughout the process, updating you and discussing any additional features, storage, lighting etc

Our Work

Unlike other companies we do not produce a limited range of products for you to choose from. We offer a tailored service, creating individual bespoke buildings that suit your needs.

We know that this is going to be useful for decades, so it has to be what you want, rather than what we want to sell you.

That is why we continue to grow every year, with more and more of our customers coming to us by referral from other satisfied customers.

That is in essence our business model. We build what you want, with the best materials we can source, so that you will tell your friends about us. Perhaps that is where you first heard of us.